Thursday, 9 June 2011

Taking time

Work in progress for "Lit in Tshwane" 3-17 July Upstairs@Bamboo

As I went about my early morning business today, I found myself listing the things that make me feel wealthy. A clean and tidy car was one of them (a clean and tidy anything actually; handbag, kitchen, studio, head...), being warm when it is cold, lovely-smelling soap, giving money to someone. Lots of things that cost nothing or very little. Taking life at a leisurely pace featured very high on the list. Doing one thing at a time, and properly. Not racing to the next thought, task, plan or place. And I am quite proud of the fact that this morning, I am taking the time to post something on my new toy!

For the artist in us all, here are some wonderful words I read in life coach Kirsten Long's ( newsletter today:

It’s important to day-dream, to imagine and to explore possibility in your mind. Every single thing that was created on this earth, started with someone imagining it. If you can’t imagine something, you can’t create it. If you can’t see a possibility, it will never manifest.

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